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Welcome to our new website! We will have all products added and updated soon. Welcome to our new website! Please bear with us as we work on adding and updating all of our products (especially ceramics). If you find any glitches while exploring or shopping please let us know!

Our Story

SANDY SNEAD AND DUY HUYNH met while selling their work at an outdoor art market in 2002. That chance encounter led to a friendship that evolved into the two becoming partners in life, and eventually business. After several years of talking and daydreaming about their own gallery, Lark & Key was born. 

LARK & KEY was established in 2008 and is celebrated for its diverse selection of art and functional craft from local, regional and national artists. The gallery interweaves a calming and rustic sensibility with an eye towards the slightly whimsical, the subtly surreal and quiet nature. Sandy runs the day-to-day operations of the gallery, pulling from her background in graphic design, jewelry making, visual display and textiles. Duy is a full time studio artist, filling the walls at Lark & Key and other galleries around the country with his contemplative and often whimsical, dreamlike paintings. Together they have created a warm, inviting and inspiring space that features a carefully curated selection of artwork, pottery and jewelry.




"If you follow Lark & Key on Instagram you will see our fur babies, Neko and Willow, often. Since we are notoriously camera shy, we post more photos of them than ourselves. They are our constant companions, and reminders in our day to day life to take it easy and be in the moment, which is often easier said than done when you are small business owners. A husband-wife business partnership can present challenges, but  we wouldn't change it for the world. We are fortunate to be able to live our dream, supporting each other, as well as other working artists. We are grateful to those of you that appreciate the beauty we try to bring into the world - one painting, piece of pottery or adornment at a time." ~ Sandy & Duy