Duy Huynh painting - Like the Wind Duy Huynh painting - Like the Wind

Lark & Key

"With an eye towards the slightly whimsical, the subtly surreal, and a celebration of the natural world, we hope to share a sense of wonder and connectivity with our customers." - Sandy & Duy

Sandy Snead and Duy Huynh, owners of Lark + Key art gallery in Charlotte NC.

SANDY SNEAD + DUY HUYNH met while selling their work at an outdoor art market in 2002. That encounter led to a friendship that evolved into the two becoming partners in life, and eventually business. After several years discussing and daydreaming about opening a gallery, Lark & Key was born. 

The gallery was founded in 2008 and is known for its selection of diverse, yet cohesive, art and functional craft from local, regional and national artists.

In 2020 Lark & Key transitioned from a 'brick & mortar' shop, to focus online and locally by appointment. Sandy runs the day-to-day operations, pulling from her background in graphic design, jewelry making, visual display and textiles. Duy spends his days in the studio, creating his contemplative and often whimsical, dreamlike paintings.

Duy Huynh

"Born in Vietnam, my family and I came to the United States as refugees in 1981. At the time, we were commonly referred to as “boat people”, a moniker that I’ve often drawn inspiration from. Despite the challenges of assimilation and an enduring sense of displacement, growing up in southern California proved to be a transformative chapter in my life.

My first introduction to art came in the form of murals, graffiti, comic books and animation. In numerous attempts to create my own heroic characters, I developed a passion for drawing. I still think it’s magical what one can do with just a pencil and paper. More importantly for a kid that felt like an outcast, drawing became a means of transcending language barriers and cultivating connections."

Charlotte NC based artist, and Lark + Key co-owner, Duy Huynh in his studio.

"Besides exhibiting my work in galleries, I've always explored a variety of avenues and applications for painting. From creating public murals to painting live on stages, to collaborating with writers and musicians on book and albums covers, it’s important to me that my work is accessible and far-reaching." - Duy Huynh


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Kind Words

"Some artists are impressionists, others are realists. Duy is an alchemist with the magical ability to transform the ordinary into the ineffable. 

The fantastical, surreal quality of his work renders familiar symbols, forms and beings into engaging visual haiku - or koans. Something for the viewer to ponder and appreciate. 

I’m especially fond of his floating figures - inspired by the muse of beauty, nature or longing. 

I also enjoy his other style of ”levity” - depicting a clever pun (or even a bad “dad joke”) with brush and oil . . . like a wily Zen master, pointing at the moon.”

Jim L.  (Davidson, NC)

Pictured: Duy Huynh's "A Most Colorful Heart"