Duy Huynh


    Born in Vietnam, Duy Huynh’s family came to the U.S. as refugees in 1981. Despite the challenges of assimilation and a sense of displacement, growing up  in southern California proved to be a transformative chapter of his life. His first introduction to art came in the form of murals, graffiti, comic books and animation. In attempts to create his own heroic characters, Duy developed a passion for drawing. For a kid that felt like an outcast, drawing became a means of transcending language barriers and cultivating connections.

    Duy’s family eventually moved to Charlotte, NC and in 1994 he went on to attend UNC Charlotte with hopes of becoming an illustrator. During his sophomore year he fell in love with painting and decided to pursue it after graduation. As someone whose first language is not English, Duy is fascinated with the multi-layered ambiguities and nuances of certain words and phrases. As a visual artist, he enjoys taking things too literally, using the language of symbols and metaphors in conjunction with puns and hybrid words to add yet another layer of mystery and narrative to his paintings.

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    "At the core of my work is a search for balance and continuity, usually between two or more mysteries. My characters often float (literally) somewhere between science and spirituality, memory and mythology, structure and spontaneity, ephemeral and eternal, humorous and profound, connectivity and non-attachment. The intent isn’t necessarily to provide enlightenment, but to celebrate the quest itself."

    Duy Huynh, Charlotte NC