Eleanor Miller


    Eleanor Miller received her BFA from Connecticut College in New London, then studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. With sprawling fields, dense woods and big sky surrounding her Connecticut home, she doesn’t have to go far for to find inspiration for her ethereal oil paintings. 

    For Eleanor, painting is the result of quiet observation in nature, of that which is obvious to the eye and also the less obvious. Her paintings express a passion for nature, its power, beauty and its fragility. She is inspired by love, connection and personal concern for the natural world - with animals, fields, ponds and deep woods finding their way into her visual landscape. From the macro to the micro, Eleanor looks for novelty and the spirit of that which appears common.

    ”The powerful yet vulnerable life nurtured by the landscape is the focus in my work. Landscapes are painted loosely with the essence of earth/sky melting into one. I see the world as one thriving entity. Floating botanicals, dying and re-emerging unite in space. With this visual vocabulary I am documenting the existence of animals & botanical life, with respect to how everything is connected, physically and spiritually. Even the smallest elements are significant and can be depicted to personify the essential impermanent nature of our being. I venture to bring out an awareness of what is precious and perhaps elicit compassion for the wilderness and all that is within.”

    Eleanor Miller - Preston, CT