Hannah Seng


    Hannah Seng's acrylic paintings incorporate an imaginative & illustrative quality informed by color & shapes found in the natural world and her Appalachian heritage. Inspiration is also found in the illustrations of children's stories, the work of Vincent Van Gogh, the Group of Seven (Canadian landscape painters from 1920-1933), and various artists of lino, wood & block prints.

    Growing up in Western NC, Hannah earned her BA in painting at the University of North Carolina at Asheville while also performing traditional & original music on the fiddle & banjo throughout the region. Art & music have been pursued & encouraged for multiple generations in her family. She continues the tradition, making art and music from her home in Saluda, North Carolina.

    “Through painting & songwriting I strive to bring a sense of place to my audiences - influenced by traditional & natural elements of my home in the southern Appalachian Mountains, & of Ireland & Scotland.”

    Hannah Seng - Saluda, NC