Marianne Huebner

    Wisconsin born artist Marianne Huebner studied fine art at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as well as abroad in Florence, Italy; earning her BFA. She later earned a Masters degree in Art Therapy.

    A leader in the art therapy field, she has presented nationally, served as president of the Wisconsin Art Therapy Association, and was adjunct faculty at Mount Mary University (Wisconsin). In 2011, Marianne received an International Award from Ronald McDonald House Global Corporation recognizing the impact of her art therapy work on grieving and traumatized families. She currently practices in Charlotte, NC, working in a psychiatric rehabilitation center with adults recovering from addiction and mental health maladies.This meaningful work of art therapy has informed her professional art career, shifting it into deeper meaning and exploring story through images. 

    Marianne finds that there is a love song in process, catharsis, exploration, and the understanding emerging in each piece. There is a love of story and relationships unfolding thereafter: Painter to paint, to surface, finished piece to artist, to viewer, and viewer to artist.

    "The creative process, painting and drawing, is my visual aria displaying the melodic and soulful connection between reality experienced and the fantasy of dreams. It is through these media where lies the discovery of balance between cacophony and harmony, shade and tint, color and tone, composition and unedited expression. Sometimes, the process is assayed and calculated. Other times, it is free."

    Marianne Huebner, Charlotte NC