Duy Huynh Notebooks

    In order to make his work more accessible and far-reaching, Duy Huynh offers paper goods, notebooks and limited edition prints, that feature his artwork. Duy's paper goods are currently only available through Lark & Key, and sometimes Flora in Asheville, NC.
    Click to shop Duy's original paintings hereand all prints + paper goods here. Purchase 10+ notecards, notebooks and/or prints and get an automatic 20% off at checkout.
    Note: Much of Duy's artwork has been stolen and is being sold by various counterfeit vendors as print reproductions and numerous other products. Limited edition prints, notecard and notebooks are only available through Lark & Key, and occasionally Flora in Asheville NC. There are small number of legitimate mass produced print reproductions on the market but the majority being sold on Amazon and some other sites are of stolen images and are counterfeit product. You can find actual licensed prints through Printano, Art.com, and iCanvas as well as other reputable locations (online and brick & mortar). Feel free to reach out if you have questions about a reproduction. Duy does not license, sell, approve of or profit from artwork used on other counterfeit products such as mugs, puzzles, t-shirts, shower curtains, etc. We are taking actions to hopefully tackle this issue, which is on ongoing problem for many artists.