Duy Huynh Prints


    In order to make his work more accessible and far-reaching, Duy Huynh offers signed and numbered limited edition prints featuring a few select images of his artwork. If you are looking for a particular image and cannot find it, it has not been released or was previously released and sold out.

    Shop Duy's original paintings here , and other paper goods here. Purchase 10+ notecards, notebooks and/or prints and get an automatic 20% off at checkout. 

    Note: Many of Duy Huynh's artwork images have been stolen and are being sold as reproductions (especially on Amazon), or on various products such as t-shirts and phone cases. There are currently 20 officially mass produced licensed images that can be found on reputable sites such Printano, Art.com, and iCanvas and other sellers - online and in physical shops. Notecards, notebooks and limited edition prints are currently only available through Lark & Key (sometimes Flora in Asheville NC). Any other products using Duy's work are counterfeit. The process of having counterfeit work removed has begun, will take time and most likely be an ongoing effort. Unfortunately this is something many artists deal with on a regular basis. Be mindful when shopping, scrutinize the seller, product photos and details. If something feels off, it probably is.