Robin Ralston Frelier


    Robin Ralston Frelier is a clay and mixed media artist based in Chapel Hill, NC. She received a BA in Fine Arts at Depauw University with a concentration in ceramics. For most of her life, Robin's creative endeavors were structured to fit within the parameters defined by her family’s life and the upheaval of many moves. In 2009, after a 25 year hiatus and anxious to get her hands back into clay, she sat down at her wheel and started throwing again. 

    Robin now makes creating a priority - with experimentation, process and self-discovery at the core of her work. Her ceramic wall tiles often begin as small sketches on clay - working through ideas, composition and color before moving on to larger tiles. She layers the clay with colored slips and engobes, textures, marks, glazes, and more recently mixed media applications such as cold wax.