Amy Irish

    Amy Irish creates functional and decorative ceramics, inspired by the little things around her. Her one-of-a-kind works are the result of a complex process, using handcut paper designs,  layers of slip, and underglazes Taking a painterly approach, she decorates her wheel thrown - and often altered - red earthenware pots with colorful images and textural details that move gracefully around each form. Pieces is designed, not only to be functional, but to be beautiful, joyful and evoke the senses.

    Amy works from her home studio in Hillsborough, NC and teaches ceramics classes at Claymakers in Durham, NC.

    "My inspirations come from the little things in the world around me. My children, the garden, and preparing food for my family are all sources of joy that I hope to share and connect with you through clay."

    Amy Irish - Hillsborough, NC