Christina Keith

    Christina Keith is a Minnesota-based, multidisciplinary artist and high school drawing, painting, and digital art teacher. She loves working in the field of education, because it allows her to share passion for art with so many inspirational people while continuing to learn and refine her artistic process.

    While Christina works across several media, her emphasis lies in painting. Over the past several years, she has paired her digital media and traditional art skills to develop a method that transfers graphic visuals within the mid-ground of her paintings. Christina’s most recent artwork explores the connections between place and memory through the use of topographical and celestial maps with related imagery. 

    "My mixed media process and the inclusion of graphic imagery among multiple layers of paint allows me to build depth within my pieces while playing with composition and space. I often work from several photographic references for each painting, combining multiple components to create a contemplative and relatable space that lies somewhere between real and imagined environment."

    Christina Keith - Prior Lake, MN