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Online Shopping / Reach Out To Schedule Local Pick Up & Shopping Appointments (Charlotte NC) Online Shopping / Reach Out To Schedule Local Pick Up & Shopping Appointments (Charlotte NC)

Upcoming Exhibits

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In December 2020 Lark & Key shifted from a 'brick & mortar' shop and now works from their home office, focusing online and locally by appointment with local pick up and delivery available. Charlotte area customers, and others passing through town can reach out to make an in-person shopping appointment (we are located near Park Rd Shopping Center). Local pick up for online purchases is available, and in some cases we are able to deliver.

The gallery features monthly exhibits (details below) and ongoing inventory from our roster of gallery artists and guests (explore artists here).


· Exhibits are available to view and shop beginning at noon (12pm) on the 1st of each month, via our View Current Exhibit page or by making a local shopping appointment.

· Pre-sales are available for artwork that L&K uses for online and postcard promotion. (Images shown here are representative of the exhibit and may not be specific to the show until closer to the actual date.)

· Exhibition artwork will generally ship within a week of purchase, unless otherwise noted. Local pick up available. In some cases we will be able to deliver.

· Our exhibitions are in flux, often until the days leading up to a show. An artist may have to cancel unexpectedly, work may arrive damaged, and in some cases work is still arriving up until the day of or even after the exhibit begins. Therefore we generally limit pre-sales to artwork we feature in promotional materials. We also want to make the option to purchase fair, therefore presenting the show for everyone to access at the same time. However, there may be an occasional pre-sale of non-promotional exhibition artwork before the online opening. This could happen in instances such as an in-person appointment that happens to coincide with the delivery & unpacking of exhibit pieces and/or we may be working with a client to match the right painting with a particular space.