Martha Worthy


    Martha Worthy grew up in southwestern Virginia and moved to Hilton Head Island after college in 1981. She finds Hilton Head and the Low country to be a constant source of inspiration for her mixed media paintings and you'll find the essence of the wildness and the beauty that she sees everyday.

    Martha has also recently found inspiration by stories found in myth and folklore about native plants, animals, and especially birds. She believes these stories, often circling around the themes of life and death, possess an ancient wisdom and vitality of spirit, while providing a connection to the natural world and acting as an antidote to today’s society of too much data analysis, algorithms for everything, and social media spinout.

    "I feel a strong connection to the daily rhythms of the natural world. For me, painting ideas germinate and evolve in an intuitive process, usually beginning with a random spark of interest, maybe a certain color combination, a particular artist's work, or a piece of shell found on the beach. Once curiosity takes hold, I will add more layers of images, gleaned from different cultures or influenced by recent travels, like the ornately carved architectural masterpieces of Morocco or the incredible red rock formations of the American Southwest."

    Martha Worthy - Hilton Head, SC