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Art Appraisals & Selling/Consigning:  Lark & Key is a retail art gallery working directly with independent artists.  We do not purchase or consign artwork from individuals looking to sell pieces from their collection or offer art appraisals.

Artist Submissions:  We are happy to accept submissions, but please review our products first to make sure your work fits the mediums represented and our aesthetic. Email your information (introduction, medium, price range) and a few photos or website link to info@larkandkey.com. Lark & Key will not be able to respond to all submissions. If we feel your work is a good fit for the gallery we will follow up or hold your information for future reference.

Payment PlansFor certain items we are happy to work with the you to set up a payment plan.  Please contact the gallery for full details.

Use of Website Images:  Photographs and graphics on this website are the exclusive copyrighted property of Lark & Key, LLC. and/or of the individual artists we represent, used by Lark & Key for promotional purposes. Images may not be modified. If you are sharing images via blogs and various social media sites, please give credit where it is due by including a link to the original source where the visual lives and including the name (Gallery & Artist) in the text.