Mary Alayne Thomas


    Mary Alayne Thomas's artwork is the culmination of a lifelong passion for art.  Her journey began in Santa Fe New Mexico, where she was raised by two full time artists, exposed to art on a daily basis -  it was a staple in her household - a way of life. Mary was drawing from an early age and began illustrating a children's magazines at the age of eleven. As a teenager she took a watercolor lesson and fell in love immediately, thrilled to find a way to express the ideas that had been culminating after pouring over art books of the great Masters.

    Mary was drawn to the luminosity and versatility of watercolors. After much experimentation, she discovered the harmonious combination of encaustic and watercolor. Over time, she refined a complex process of layering encaustic over her images. The technique, used in many of her paintings, creates a softness and a sense of mystery. As she continues to expand her visual language, she is also exploring other mediums and finishes for her modern day fairytales.

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    “I am constantly inspired by the wildlife, forests and dark beauty of my home in Portland Oregon, but childhood memories of wandering the mesas in Santa Fe continue to compel my work. With my paintings, I hope to encourage people to welcome the wild unknown and make it a part of themselves and their lives.”

    Mary Alayne Thomas - Portland, OR