Allysa Hallett Rebar


    Allysa Rebar’s very early admiration for the natural world led to a life exploring the intricacies of nature through art. Passionately drawn to both the beauty and biology of wildlife, she explored science illustration as inspired by her research and fieldwork experiences while completing her MS in biology. A self-taught artist, she now paints as much as possible, alongside teaching biology at her local university.

    Allysa works from her home studio is situated on the top of a small ridge just East of the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas. She currently paints with acrylic on hand-crafted wood panels, made from locally and sustainably harvested wood.

    "Through my work I aim to bridge art and biology in a way that encourages others to view the natural world with a more curious and conscious eye. My personal work depicts intimate ecological portraits, often focusing on species interactions and cycles, and broadly explores fascinating natural phenomena. I enjoy unearthing obscured elements, the overlooked consequences of anthropogenic effects or the unseen trajectories of evolutionary forces."

    Allysa Rebar - Flint Hills, KS